Table 4

Lung cancer by other occupational exposures according to the job exposure matrix and by smoking, among men

Observed Expected SMR 95% CI
Exposures coded in the job exposure matrix other than hard metal:
 Asbestos136.671.951.04 to 3.33
 PAH4-150 136.541.991.06 to 3.40
 Silica95.201.730.79 to 3.29
 Nickel compounds158.511.760.99 to 2.91
 Chromium compounds20.962.080.23 to 7.52
 Cobalt except in hard metals157.681.951.09 to 3.22
 Any IARC carcinogen4-151 2612.712.051.34 to 3.00
 Non-smokers75.171.350.54 to 2.79
 Ever smokers2912.842.261.51 to 3.24
 Unknown smoking status4-152 to 2.02
  • 4-150 Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

  • 4-151 Asbestos, PAH, silica, nickel, and chromium compounds.

  • 4-152 Including subjects coded as former smoker or non-smoker.