Table 3

Lung cancer according to workshops among men

Observed Expected SMR 95% CI
Only employed3-150 in:
 Non-exposed workshops3-151 77.400.950.38 to 1.95
 Hard metal production before sintering62.062.911.06 to 6.34
 Hard metal production after sintering32.661.130.31 to 2.89
 Other sintered alloy production52.851.750.57 to 4.09
 Foundries63.341.800.66 to 3.91
 Maintenance93.192.821.29 to 5.36
 Powder production21.441.390.17 to 5.02
Ever employed in
 Hard metal production before sintering93.722.421.10 to 4.59
 Hard metal production after sintering53.911.280.41 to 2.98
 Other sintered alloys production64.661.290.47 to 2.80
 Foundries115.821.890.94 to 3.38
 Maintenance114.292.561.28 to 4.59
 Powder production52.601.920.62 to 4.49
  • 3-150 With the exclusion of employment in any other exposed workshop.

  • 3-151 All workshops except the workshops listed.