Table 2

Determinants of low back pain during training

OR95% CIOR95% CI
General health questionnaire:
 High1.951.58 to 2.411.361.09 to 1.71
General health questionnaire lagged by one period:
 High1.871.50 to 2.331.421.13 to 1.78
History of low back pain during 12 months before the study:
 Yes3.412.59 to 4.493.062.30 to 4.08
Working part time:
 Yes1.691.24 to 2.301.651.19 to 2.28
Life events score1.091.05 to to 1.08
Job dissatisfaction score1.021.01 to to 1.03
  • 2-150 Adjusted for all the other variables in the model.