Table 1

Shift rotas worked by the four groups (including both 2-2-3 and 2-2-2 versions of the continuous systems), over a 28 day period

8h (2-2-3) Advancing continuousMMNNAAAMMNNNAAMMMNNAA
8h (2-2-2) Advancing continuousMMNNAAMMNNAAMMAANNMMAA
8h (2-2-3) Delaying continuousMMAANNNMMAAANNMMMAANN
8h (2-2-2) Delaying continuousMMAANNMMAANNMMAANNMMAA
8h Advancing discontinuousNNNNAAAAAMMMMMNNNN
8h Delaying discontinuousMMMMMAAAAANNNNMMMMM
  • D=day shift; N=night shift; M=morning shift; A= afternoon shift; –=rest day.