Table 2

Estimated 8 hour TWA exposures2-150 to MBT and its derivative by job and department title and by calendar period

Applied to earlier periods
Department Department code Jobs 1955–60 1961–67 1968–77 1978–80 1981–81 1982–85
MBT solution82936Autoclave operator, dissolver bath operator, dayman1.751.751.750.500.500.50
Bantex or Thiotax99909Centrifuge mill operator4.
Day bagging operator4.
Packing or precipitator operator, flexible operator1.751.751.751.751.750.0
Pelleting99905Pellet operator0.011.7011.703.833.831.75
Day pack operator0.011.7011.702.332.331.75
Milling and blending99980Blending operator1.951.951.950.643.243.24
Thiofide82957Senior operator, flexible operator2.
Bag flake operator, dayman8.508.506.
Thiurams99970Filtrate pellet operator0.
All others0.
  • 2-150 The precision suggested by two places of decimals is spurious and should be ignored.