Table 2

Different types of symptoms2-150 before and after 1 minute of exposure to propylene glycol mist (n=27)

Type of symptomsSymptoms 10 min before exposureSymptoms 10 min after exposureProportion developing a particular symptom2-151
Sore eyes146225/2619
Itching in the eyes144153/2612
Dry eyes149338/2631
Gritty eyes273111/254
Eye redness00000/270
Swollen eyelids00000/270
At least one ocular symptom2711419/2536
Nasal catarrh14271/264
Nasal itch00272/277
Nasal obstruction14140/260
At least one nasal symptom273111/254
Throat dryness415176314/2361
Sore throat14140/260
At least one throat symptom415186714/2264
Irritative cough276224/2516
Difficulties in breathing14140/260
At least one lower respiratory symptom276224/2516
Sensation of catching a cold14141/264
At least one general symptom27270/250
Facial itching00000/270
Facial rash14000/260
Itching on the hands00141/274
Rashes on the hands27270/250
At least one dermal symptom4153110/230
  • 2-150 Yes/no questions from a detailed symptom questionnaire (Wålinder et al 29).

  • 2-151 Calculated for those not reporting the particular symptom before the exposure.