Table 3

The prevalence ratios (PRs) (95% CIs) for knee and hip injury, knee and hip osteoarthrosis (OA), and knee and hip surgery among PE teachers compared with the referents

PR95% CIPR95% CI
Knee injury2.11.6 to to 3.0
Knee OA2.81.6 to to 5.5
Knee OA adjusted for age2.71.6 to to 8.2
Knee OA adjusted for BMI2.81.6 to to 8.9
Knee OA adjusted for smoking2.41.3 to to 5.4
Knee OA adjusted for sports2.61.4 to to 6.1
Knee OA subjects with major
previous knee injury excluded
2.10.5 to to 6.7
Knee surgery3.42.3 to to 3.9
Hip injury1.30.7 to to 2.5
Hip OA0.90.5 to to 7.1
Hip OA adjusted for age1.10.5 to to 8.1
Hip OA adjusted for BMI1.00.5 to to 9.0
Hip OA adjusted for smoking1.00.4 to to 8.1
Hip OA adjusted for sports1.10.4 to to 25.2
Hip surgery0.60.2 to to 5.2