Table 3

Adjusted association of birth weight with selected environmental and occupational exposures

Variable Estimated3-150change
in birth weight
p Value (95% CI)
Benzene exposure−150.655(−82 to 52)
Work stress−190.702(−115 to 78)
Benzene-stress interaction−1490.048(−296 to −1)
Noise exposure140.697(−55 to 82)
Physical exertion−100.767(−58 to 78)
Other hazards−160.711(−101 to 69)
Work mainly in a sitting posture120.701(−50 to 73)
Passive smoking at home or work−360.200(−92 to 19)
  • 3-150 All the estimates were derived from a multiple linear regression model including maternal age, education, parity, height and body mass index before pregnancy, infant sex, linear and quadratic terms of gestational age, and the other listed variables.