Table 2

Populations (n), metarisk estimates (MRRs) (95% CIs), ranges of point estimates and p values for heterogeneity by occupational agents (proportional studies excluded: simple random effects models with no covariates)

Agent n MRR 95% CI Range of point estimate p Value
Aliphatic and alicyclic hydrocarbon solvents21.30.8 to 2.01.0–1.60.09
Aromatic hydrocarbon solvents131.00.8 to 1.30.5–2.90.2
Arsenic41.00.6 to 1.60.9–1.40.9
Asbestos241.10.9 to 1.40.5–3.60.004
Cadmium and cadmium compounds20.70.4 to 1.40.7–0.80.9
Chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents and related compounds201.41.0 to 1.80.3–4.90.05
Chromium and chromium compounds91.40.9 to 2.30.6–200.2
Diesel engine exhaust71.00.9 to 1.20.5–1.40.2
Electromagnetic fields51.10.8 to 1.40.6–2.40.04
Flour dust11.10.3 to 3.2
Formaldehyde50.80.5 to 1.00.5–1.00.3
Fungicides21.30.4 to 3.81.3–1.40.9
Gasoline41.00.8 to 1.20.2–1.10.5
Herbicides101.00.8 to 1.30.6–5.90.3
Insecticides31.50.6 to 3.70.8–21.00.1
Iron and iron compounds11.30.7 to 2.5
Lead and lead compounds41.10.8 to 1.51.0–1.41.0
Man made vitreous fibres51.00.6 to 1.60.3–6.80.03
Nickel and nickel compounds41.91.2 to 3.21.2–3.60.9
Oil mist60.90.8 to 1.00.3–1.00.5
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)41.50.9 to 2.51.3–3.60.8
Silica dust31.40.9 to 2.01.1–2.00.2
Wood dust41.10.8 to 1.50.7–1.70.3