Table 1

Characterisation of the 92 agent specific studies

Populations (n)
Study type:
 Administrative (linkage of administrative records or PMR/PCMR/MOR studies)23
 Industrial cohort88
 Industry based (nested) case-control study7
 Population or hospital based case-control study43
 Exocrine pancreatic cancers only32
 All pancreatic cancers127
Diagnosis of cases:
 Other (clinical: radiology, necropsy, etc)2
 Mortality files96
Ascertainment of cases:
 Mortality files98
 Cancer registry files40
 Hospital records21
 Both men and women or unspecified41
Risk measure:
 SMR (standardised mortality ratio)68
 SIR (standardised incidence ratio)17
 PMR (proportional mortality ratio)18
 MOR (mortality odds ratio)1
 HR (hazard ratio)3
 OR (odds ratio)50
 RR (risk ratio)1-150 4
Source of exposure data:
 Industrial hygiene measurements4
 Job exposure matrix15
 Expert assessment25
 Job titles1-151 57
 Other1-152 19
Time reference of exposure:
 Last or around diagnosis17
 Earlier cross section9
 Lifetime longitudinal47
 Less than lifetime longitudinal80
  • 1-150 Ratio of risks or cumulative incidences in exposed and unexposed cohorts.

  • 1-151 Job titles with specifically verified exposure(s) to the relevant agent(s).

  • 1-152 Employment duration, biological monitoring, employer record, registry of chemicals, self reporting.