Table 6

Unadjusted and adjusted rate ratios (RRs) for developing a shoulder disorder in R2 or R3, for those without a shoulder disorder at baseline

RR95% CIp ValueRR95% CIp Value
Social support:
 Low453.301.26 to 8.670.023.721.22 to 11.300.02
Neck-shoulder pain score6-151 1501.020.99 to to 1.050.19
 Yes682.180.81 to 5.910.123.931.33 to 11.580.01
Living alone with children:
 Yes93.301.26 to 8.670.023.580.87 to 14.680.08
  • 6-150 Adjusted for age, job strain, stress, and duration of employment.

  • 6-151 Neck-shoulder pain score is included in the model as a continuous covariate.