Table 5

Observed (Obs) and expected (Exp) number of all cancers and malignant melanoma of the skin SIR (95% CI) among pilots employed at Icelandair according to estimaated dose of additional accumulated cosmic radiation from flying with a requirement of a 5 year time interval before the start of follow up

Cancer sites (ICD-7) Obs Exp SIR 95% CI
Accumulated cosmic radiation 0-2.9 mSv:
 All cancers (140-205)44.470.890.24 to 2.29
 Malignant melanoma of the skin (190)00.050.00— to 73.36
Accumulated cosmic radiation 3-9.9 mSv:
 All cancers (140-205)71.195.882.36 to 12.12
 Malignant melanoma of the skin (190)20.0366.677.49 to 240.70
Accumulated cosmic radiation 10-19.9 mSv:
 All cancers (140-205)42.081.920.52 to 4.92
 Malignant melanoma of the skin (190)10.0333.330.44 to 185.46
Accumulated cosmic radiation ⩾20 mSv:
 All cancers (140-205)43.721.080.29 to 2.75
 Malignant melanoma of the skin (190)20.0728.573.21 to 103.16
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