Table 4

Observed (Obs) and expected (Exp) number of all cancers and malignant melanoma of the skin, SIR (95% CI) among pilots employed at Icelandair according to three categories of accumulated block hours with a requirement of a 5 year time interval before the start of follow up

Cancer sites (ICD-7) Obs Exp SIR 95% CI
Accumulated block-hours 0-4999:
 All cancers (140-205)21.931.040.12 to 3.74
 Malignant melanoma of the skin (190)00.020.00— to 183.40
Accumulated block-hours 5000-9999:
 All cancers (140-205)61.973.051.11 to 6.63
 Malignant melanoma of the skin (190)20.0540.004.49 to 144.42
Accumulated block-hours ⩾10000:
 All cancers (140-205)912.130.740.34 to 1.41
 Malignant melanoma of the skin (190)30.2313.042.62 to 38.11
  • Footnotes as for table 2.