Table 3

Baseline distribution of neck-shoulder complaints and clinically verified shoulder disorders in four seniority groups of sewing machine operators

Duration of exposure as a sewing machine operator(y)
2–10 (n=80)10–20 (n=67)>20 (n=59)
Neck-shoulder complaints (%):3-151
 Moderate or severe28223448
Subjects with verified shoulder disorder (%):
 Myofascial pain syndrome1971031
 Rotator cuff tendinitis3-165 01615
  • 3-165 p<0.001, χ2 test for linear trend=12.85, df=1,

  • 3-151 None=neck-shoulder pain score 0, light=neck-shoulder pain score 1–24, moderate or severe=neck-shoulder pain score ⩾24.