Table 5

Interpolated performance estimates as a function of time of day (hours since waking where average waking time was 0544) during the selected sleep deprivation time window

TestMeasureFirst sleep test session 0800
Start of analysed window 1900 (13.27)Time of day (hours since waking)
2744/03 44 (22.00)
Reaction timeSpeed (ms)494495497521540
Accuracy (misses)0.691.080.981.673.10
Dual taskSpeed (ms)618617627709775
Hand-eye coordination difficulty level48.8448.3149.1146.6233.37
TrackingHand-eye coordination difficulty level44.0749.5247.6640.8336.70
MackworthSpeed (ms)1020964101012251511
Accuracy (targets detected (n))12.7712.0011.899.867.04
Accuracy (false alarms)
Symbol digitSpeed (ms)22892245228224302577
Speed (targets inspected (n))38.4940.0539.3036.9034.30
Accuracy (correct (%))98.0598.3298.2998.3797.41
Grammatical reasoningSpeed (ms)44134054412842554182
Accuracy (correct (n))21.6223.5923.1322.7622.46
Memory and searchSpeed (ms)—2 targets1198811336116201243912581
Speed (ms)—6 targets2242320729207872146021101
Accuracy (correct (n))—2 targets5.545.655.575.375.35
Accuracy (correct (n))—6 targets5.
Spatial memoryLength of recalled series5.
  • Performance during the first test session of the sleep deprivation is included for comparison with the start of the selected window.