Table 4

Interpolated performance estimates at baseline and with blood alcohol (BAC) at certain concentrations

TestMeasureBaseline 0.00BAC (%)
Reaction timeSpeed (ms)489534566
Accuracy (misses)0.361.172.81
Dual taskSpeed (ms)662725792
Hand-eye coordination difficulty level50.5945.4323.69
TrackingHand-eye coordination difficulty level47.7644.3523.39
MackworthSpeed (ms)95810941361
Accuracy (targets detected (n))12.6410.917.76
Accuracy (false alarms)1.051.634.48
Symbol digitSpeed (ms)223324152656
Speed (targets inspected (n))40.1137.3232.74
Accuracy (correct (%))99.0097.8394.52
Grammatical reasoning4-150 Speed (ms)428641353945
Accuracy (correct (n))23.1921.8920.05
Memory and search4-150 Speed (ms)—2 targets122221239912500
Speed (ms)—6 targets208532030219555
Accuracy (correct (n))—2 targets5.595.315.01
Accuracy (correct (n))—6 targets5.054.664.21
Spatial memory4-150 Length of recalled series5.344.653.73
  • 4-150 Performance estimates based on only the first and last test occasion.