Table 3

Sex distribution (row %) of samples according to health outcomes investigated

Study population
nSex unknownBoth sexesMen onlyWomen only
Mortality outcome3-160:
Categories of the ICD-10:
 Diseases of the respiratory system6711.953.729.94.5
 Neoplasms3-160 657.744.646.21.5
 Injury, poisoning, etc3-165 4630.447.819.62.2
 Diseases of the musculoskeletal system3-165 400.
 Diseases of the nervous system1520.053.326.70.0
 Mental and behavioural disorders922.
 Pregnancy, childbirth, and puerperium3-165
 Diseases of the circulatory system3-165 80.00.0100.00.0
 Congenital malformations, etc714.357.10.028.6
 Diseases of the genitourinary system3-160
  • 3-150 p<0.05;

  • 3-160 p<0.01;

  • 3-165 p<0.001.

  • Each category of the ICD-10 was analysed separately because several diseases may be studied in the same article. The distribution of sex for each category was compared with the distribution of sex for the other studies which did not deal with the health outcome considered. The other categories of the ICD-10 had only ⩽5 articles each.