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  • A blue bird flying across the blue sky
    Wenbin Liang

    Dear Editor

    Exposure period is as important as the dose of exposure

    Based on Figure 1 in the article[1], it could be inferred that the timing of dust exposure would be crucial when investigating whether “Dust exposure” would increase the risk of IHD among patients who already had Respiratory diseases: The dust exposure of most interest would be the exposure after the occurrence of the respiratory dise...

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  • Mortality or incidence?
    Kenneth Campbell

    Dear Editor,

    In their paper entitled “Risk of lymphatic or haematopoietic cancer mortality with occupational exposure to animals or the public”, Svec et. al.[1] clearly imply that they believe mortality is an acceptable surrogate for incidence of haematological malignancy in this study group. Although they offer certain caveats regarding this approach, they ignore the greatest potential confounder. Patients with...

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