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  • Re: Reporting of occupational and environmental research - author's reply
    Lesley Rushton

    Dear Editor

    Dr Loomis draws attention to the potential dangers of the rigid use of checklists and guidelines to judge occupational and environmental research. I agree with these sentiments, in particular the concerns about the increasing number of papers that use compliance with these guidelines as a justification for conclusions regarding causality. There is, however, one rapidly expanding area of research that...

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  • Reporting of occupational and environmental research
    Dana Loomis

    Rushton's recent article on the reporting of occupational and environmental research raises a number of useful points that all researchers would do well to remember when writing up epidemiological findings for publication. Without expressly intending to do so, however, the article also emphasizes the hazards of establishing formal criteria or checklists for the evaluation of scientific work. Good epi...

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