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Author’s response to ‘Re: Exposure to asbestos and the risk of colorectal cancer mortality: a systematic review and meta-analysis by Kwak et al
  1. Kyeongmin Kwak1,2,
  2. Domyung Paek1,3,
  3. Kyung Ehi Zoh1
  1. 1Department of Environmental Health Sciences, Seoul National University Graduate School of Public Health, Seoul, Korea (the Republic of)
  2. 2Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Korea University Ansan Hospital, Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, Korea (the Republic of)
  3. 3Institute of Health and Environment, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea (the Republic of)
  1. Correspondence to Kyung Ehi Zoh, Department of Environmental Health Sciences, Seoul National University Graduate School of Public Health, Seoul 08826, Korea (the Republic of); kezoh{at}

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We would like to thank Dr Boffetta for his comment on potential overlaps in the selection of cohorts. As we tried to keep the principle of examining all the available publications in the systematic review and avoiding the double count in the meta-analysis, we have re-examined the materials of the study again. Even though different aspects in the follow-ups of five cohorts were noted in the original review of 12 studies, we agree with Dr Boffetta that, on re-examination, there …

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  • Contributors KK and KEZ reviewed the relevant articles. KK analysed the data and drafted the manuscript. DP interpreted the data and revised the manuscript. All authors read and approved the final manuscript.

  • Funding The authors have not declared a specific grant for this research from any funding agency in the public, commercial or not-for-profit sectors.

  • Competing interests None declared.

  • Patient consent for publication Not required.

  • Provenance and peer review Not commissioned; internally peer reviewed.

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