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Effects of training to implement new working methods to reduce knee strain in floor layers. a two-year follow-up.
  1. Lilli Kirkeskov Jensen (lilli.kirkeskov.jensen{at}
  1. Department of Occupational Medicine, Viborg Hospital, Denmark
    1. Claus Friche
    1. Department of Occupational Medicine, Viborg Hospital, Denmark


      Objectives: Follow–up study after two years to measure the effects of an implementation strategy consisting of information, education, and training in the use of new tools and working-methods for the purpose of reducing knee strain and knee complaints in floor layers. Methods: Training of floor layers (n=292) in using new working-methods was evaluated by questionnaires during the courses. Two years later, this follow-up included questionnaires to the participants on the courses (n=216) and to a control group of floor layers (not trained on courses) (n=454). Results: Two years after training, 38% used the new working-methods weekly or daily compared to 37% three months after the courses, and 10% before. Among controls, only 16% had used the new working-methods weekly or daily. The risk of knee complaints >30 days (OR=2.46, 1.03-5.83) or locking of the knees (OR= 2.89, 1.11-7.5) was more than double among floor layers who had used the new working-methods for less than one year compared to those who had used them more. The results were adjusted for age, body mass index, and stress. The reduction in more severe knee complaints was greatest if floor layers started to use the new working-methods before they developed knee problems. Other musculoskeletal complaints did not increase. Conclusion: This indicates that, within a two-year perspective, the implementation strategy to introduce new working-methods in the floor laying trade has been effective; the number of floor layers using the new working-methods has increased, and severe knee problems have reduced.

      • construction industry
      • follow-up study
      • implementation
      • new working methods
      • reduced knee pain

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