Table of contents

April 2019 - Volume 76 - Suppl 1

27th Epidemiology in Occupational Health (EPICOH) conference


Keynote Abstracts

Pesticide Exposure Assessment

Occupational Cancer-1

Exposure Assessment-1

Work Organisation

Pesticide Health Effects

Workplace Bullying/Stress

Workers’ Compensation/Return to Work


Mini-Symposium 1: Exposure Assessment in Epidemiological Studies of Cancer

Occupational Respiratory Disease

Burden of Occupational Disease and Injury

Silica Exposure and Health Effects

Mini-Symposium 2: OMEGA-NET

Mental Health


Musculoskeletal Disorders-1

Precarious Employment/Migrant Workers

Chemical and Physical Hazards

Methodological Issues

Musculoskeletal Disorders-2

Dermal Effects

Mini-Symposium 3: Military Epidemiology

Exposure Assessment-2


Occupational Health in Women

Occupational Cancer-2

Cardiovascular Disease

Biomarkers of Exposure

Mini-Symposium 4: Advances in Neurodegenerative Disease Epidemiology


Psychosocial Factors

Intervention Studies

Health Inequalities

Mini-Symposium 5: Climate Change

Occupational Cancer-3

Occupational Health Effects of Heat


Work Capability

Issue Information