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1319 Development of human resources for the prevention of negative effects of overwork on health in japan
  1. Yosuke Miyazaki,
  2. Hisanori Hiro,
  3. Kazuaki Kawai,
  4. Hiroto Izumi,
  5. Yoshiyuki Shibata,
  6. Tomonori Igarashi,
  7. Kazunori Ikegami,
  8. Seichi Horie
  1. University of Occupational and Environmental Health, Japan


Introduction Karoshi (death from overwork) has been a difficult challenge in Japanese society for a long time. In July 2015, the cabinet of Japan approved a guideline required by the Act on Promotion of Preventive Measures against Karoshi and other Overwork. In response to the guideline, the University of Occupational and Environmental Health, Japan (UOEH) launched a project to develop human resources to prevent harmful health effects from overwork. This report summarises the programmes for human resources development provided by UOEH

Methods The Centre for Stress-related Disease Control and Prevention (CSDC) was established at UOEH to perform development of human resources in April 2016. At first, the CSDC created a special training programme for 35 experienced occupational physicians who are certificated by the Japan Society for Occupational Health, to improve their understandings of health issues arising from overwork. Those physicians who completed this programme were appointed as on-site lecturers of UOEH. Then, the CSDC delivered various seminars together with the on-site lecturers, targeting occupational physicians, nurses, hygienists and human resource personnel around Japan to let them prevent and overcome the adverse health effects from overwork. Questionnaires were provided to the participants in the seminars for their improvement.

Results All except for one occupational physicians completed the special training programme in 2016. Regarding the seminars, the total number of participants by July 2017 was counted as 355. All together 69% of the participants responded to the questionnaires and 93.4% of the responders were satisfied with the seminars. Furthermore, 86.7% of them thought the skills and knowledge provided through the seminars were applicable to their work.

Conclusion The CSDC, an organisation at UOEH, was established to rise on-site lecturers and to deliver seminars with them for the prevention of the adverse health effects from overwork.

  • Karoshi
  • Overwork

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