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1578 The globally harmonised system chemicals implementation in order to stablish health and environmental risks (successful industry case)
  1. AL Fajardo Montiel,
  2. HU Ramirez Sánchez,
  3. ARMeulenert Peña
  1. Universidad de Guadalajara, Guadalajara Jalisco México


Introduction The GHS (The Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals) is a specially system for standardising and harmonising the classification and labelling of chemicals at the industry. The main objective is to define health, physical and environmental hazards of chemicals. Due there is no international implementation procedure for the GHS, existing systems should develop transition strategies in order to fulfil the

GHS requirements, and be sure to fulfil new ISO 14001:2015 requirements

Methods According with the Mexican standard NMX-R-019-SCFI-2011, the classification of chemicals or mixtures incorporates this three steps: Identifying relevant data on the hazards of the substance or mixture, Analysis to identify hazards associated with the substance or mixture and stablish the corresponding hazard communication.

The label system is designed including: Warning words, danger indication, precautionary statements and pictograms, supplier identification and Material safety data sheet information.

After the organisation get this documents, starts the basic elements that include: aquatic toxicity, potential or actual bioaccumulation; degradation (biotic or abiotic) of organic chemicals; and chronic aquatic toxicity. The health hazards is determinate according ONU Purple book (part III).

The final stage include to design a specific procedure al the industry in order to determinate health and environmental risk with a complete methodology to fulfil ISO 14001:2015 standard.

Results One of the main issues is to be sure that the Material safety data sheet provide complete information on a chemical, transportation and emergency actions, with the complete information an according ISO 14001:2015 standard the industry get an specific procedure to integrate GHS requirements with an update process, and then be ready to implement this at Mexico Region,

Conclusion This is the first time that an international standard with a local legislation is integrated and develop a methodology that is effective at different buildings in the same company

  • Globally harmonised system
  • health
  • environmental
  • implementation
  • ISO 14001:2015

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