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713 Occupational health guidelines in norway
  1. MD Bugge
  1. STAMI, National Institute of Occupational Health, Norway


Introduction Quality improvement is a continuous challenge in medical work.

Methods In order to promote better quality in all medical disciplines, the Norwegian Medical Association in the late 1990ies encouraged all medical specialties to consider which topics could fit for standardised procedures. The Norwegian Association of Occupational Physicians decided to ask experienced occupational physicians to develop guidelines in their respective fields of work. These guidelines were posted on the Internet, and were thus made widely available for free.

Results By 2017, about 130 guidelines are published. The guidelines are continuously updated and revised, and new guidelines are developed when needed. After more than 15 years on the Internet, they are well known among Norwegian occupational physicians. In an informal survey among around 100 occupational physicians we experienced that all participants knew the guidelines, about 50% consider them as part of their daily ‘toolkit’, and new, inexperienced, colleagues found a good basis for their work in these guidelines.

Conclusion The idea and the structure of the internet page will be presented in a poster, and the web page demonstrated on a laptop. We hope that they will be an inspiration for other associations of occupational health personnel.

  • Quality
  • Guidelines
  • Occupational health

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