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1721f Stronger together – working together to tackle the occupational hygiene void
  1. HT Smedbold1,2,
  2. N McClellan1,
  3. C Laszcz-Davis1,
  4. A Leibowitz1,
  5. L O´Donnell1,
  6. SJ Leeson1,
  7. R Di Corleto1,
  8. N Tresider1,
  9. D O’Malley1
  1. 1Board of Directors, Occupational Hygiene Training Association
  2. 2Teamleder Health and Working Environment, Proactima AS, Norway


Introduction The Occupational Hygiene Training Association (OHTA) is a non-profit voluntary organisation, aiming to mind the gap of capacity of occupational hygiene competencies by providing a global training and qualifications scheme in occupational hygiene ranging from a foundation level to specialised courses at master level.

Methods The OHTA modular scheme provides a platform to build occupational hygiene capabilities at both national and company level. Courses can be taken in isolation and there are no prior learning requirements. Students can start with a foundation level course and progress to courses at two other levels building up progressively higher levels of practice, including academic study to master level and eligibility for professional qualification.

Results Through our training system and qualifications, we provide a means of developing practical skills to recognise and manage exposures to health and safety risks caused by exposure to hazards such as chemicals, dusts, fumes, noise, ergonomics, and heat and cold. Our courses and qualifications have been developed with the support of the International Occupational Hygiene Association (IOHA) and its 34 member organisations.

More than 100 000 have used our material, 780 courses have been delivered and more than 6500 candidates have taken exam. Our course materials are being downloaded more than currently undergoing translation into a variety of languages.

Discussion Partnerships with key stakeholders are important to further growth the training scheme. Our website, provides free access to information on all our training materials and qualifications, which can be accessed and downloaded free of charge. Our qualifications and awards are overseen by a Qualifications Group that includes representatives of the major occupational hygiene examining boards across the world. Individuals successfully completing defined courses of study and practice can apply for recognition and membership of these and other national associations.

  • Occupational Hygiene
  • Free training modules
  • Capacity building
  • Developing countries

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