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1657d Accident prevention in construction industry – perspective of woman professional
  1. Preety Gupta
  1. Independent Professional Consultant, Goa, India


Introduction Construction, one of the fastest growing industries in the world, is still considered to be largely male dominated. The common exception being women as civil labourers, in the unskilled category, as seen in several Indian construction sites. Of course, there are examples of women trailblazers globally who are striving to bring about a cultural change and promote diversity and inclusivity throughout the industry. However their numbers are not very high.

Organisation like National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) and SEWA have also emerged as a contributory factor in bringing about the transformation.

Methods Exploring examples of companies encouraging engagement of women employees in Construction. Studies show that in the last decade, companies have increasingly been supporting women in construction as an essential element while striving to to grow their business and construction capabilities.

Results Career opportunities for women professional in construction are not limited to engineering and hard core mechanical work. Attributes of women professionals, best suiting certain roles in occupational safety and health at construction sites, aiming to excel in accident prevention safety training.

Conclusion To handle the unique challenges of construction industry, well mix of men and women professionals is desirable for optimised use of their respective inherent potential and talent. While both men and women working in construction face many of the same risks, there are some unique issues that are of greater concern to women, best understood and handled by women colleagues in the team, particularly in occupational health and safety.

  • Construction
  • Women Professionals
  • Accident Prevention

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