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1657a Skilling helps in improving productivity, quality and safety implementation at site – a study on symptoms and control measures
  1. KR Ramana1,
  2. KN Sen2
  1. 1Advisor, National Academy of Construction, Hyderabad, India
  2. 2President, ASSE India Chapter, India


Introduction Various studies have shown that there exists huge gap between demand and supply of skilled workmen at construction sites in India. This gap has high influencing effects on productivity, quality and safety. At the level of central government, immense thrust is given to improve the skill level and skill density across the sectors, through various initiatives. At enterprise level, few leading organisations had been focussing on skill development as a part of their corporate social responsibility and business strategy.

National Academy of Construction located at Hyderabad has been playing a key role in the concerned areas.

Methods Study conducted involving participants, mainly crew members deployed at sites, after completion of skill development programs. In comparison with select control groups, performance outcome of these teams under study in terms of safety, quality productivity were evaluated over a period of 6 month time, spanning participants from 52 batches.

Results Strong association with skill training and desired outcome on productivity quality safety was indicated.

Conclusion The study establishes the importance of continued and enhanced progress in the arena of construction skill development to muster the objective of sustainable growth and overall improvement in H and S performance. This gets well dovetailed with the growing economic activities, increased demands of skilled crew for construction projects across the length and breadth of the country.

  • Skill Improvement
  • Construction Industry
  • Safety Quality and Productivity

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