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547 Systematic review evidence in one minute or less
  1. D Van Eerd,
  2. U Vu,
  3. K Buccat,
  4. E Irvin,
  5. K Cullen,
  6. C Moser
  1. Institute for Work and Health, Toronto, Canada


Introduction Getting research evidence to knowledge users is a challenge. The Institute for Work and Health (IWH) initiated a systematic review program in 2004 to synthesise scientific literature on prevention of workplace injuries and disability. IWH systematic review products include 2–3 page lay summaries (called Sharing Best Evidence). The lay summaries are popular but are considered long by some knowledge users. Our objective was to produce and post short videos that summarise key findings of systematic reviews in one minute or less.

Methods Video shorts are created by a multi-disciplinary team including a researcher, a video producer and a communications expert. The video shorts are based on high quality research (e.g. systematic review findings). Key messages are created in consultation with stakeholders. The production process begins with a storyboard (frame-by-frame outline). Development requires careful attention to style, pacing, tone, clarity, visual interest and audience appeal. Videos are tested with members of the target audience before being posted. Video shorts typically take about four weeks to complete.

Results Two, 1 min videos were developed by IWH made to reach busy stakeholders with evidence they need in their work. The first video, posted since October 2016, is popular receiving over 1100 hits to date.

Length: Videos are kept as short as possible, less than one minute.

Format: No voice-overs are used. Simple graphics, images, text and short video clips are used, with instrumental background music.

Content: Key messages from research findings are delivered in brief snippets of text.

Conclusion Our videos are designed to serve two purposes: provide viewers with key evidence they can use, and link the viewer to the IWH website where they can read more information. Consultations with stakeholders on the key messages are important. One-minute research video shorts are an effective means of disseminating key research findings.

  • Research to practice
  • communications
  • video

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