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1682k Digital transformation. how is it changing the communication paradigm?
  1. S Vaxelaire
  1. French Ministry of Agriculture, Paris, France


Introduction The goal of this presentation is to better understand how digital transformation upsets the communication activity and drives public communication to reinvent itself in order to win viewer’s attention and consequently rethink its strategy according to viewer’s interest.

Methods Within a specific French Government digital strategy, the new rules for both Media and communicators have been collected and a new public communication strategy has been defined taking place in the updated Social Media landscape. We used some new tools to improve the surveillance of the ‘bad buzz’ strengthened by new feedback reports. We also created a Vision Camp event with our stakeholders.

Results We were able to provide a new framework in order to test any Social Media opportunity with ‘newsroom’ management. The Social Media activity came from the dark our funny side to a known and professional story with some strong results – from the live surveillance to the top of the trending topic. Our Social Media strategy was quoted by the French Government and we implemented some training courses. We also scheduled some hackathons, based on the Vision Camp, with both High Graduate Schools, startups and Research Institutes.

Conclusion Digital transforms the communication strategies with some specific audience typologies. For communicators, this is a new paradigm which redefines both strategy and communication actions. Communicators have to adapt themselves in order to create, disseminate and promote in a new way, thinking influencers and public first highlighted by native video contents. This information circulation and accelerating questions the media and so the press relations role and position.

  • Digital
  • media
  • social Media
  • video
  • communication strategy

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