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1682i Framework for a social media strategy to create communities of interest and reach non-traditional audiences
  1. S Horvath
  1. Radiation Safety Institute of Canada Toronto, Canada


Introduction An organisation must have a communications strategy that is actionable and understands their stakeholders, helps you converse with them, about the things they care about, in the places or platforms where they are already ‘hanging out’. Budget, content and vision will not determine your success, instead, organisations must transform their fundamental communication concepts and modify them for this new two-way, end-user empowered medium of Social Media. The organisation’s OSH content now must not only drive engagement, but also define whom you want to listen to and communicate with.

This presentation will provide a framework for establishing a social media strategy for OSH and nongovernmental organisations (NGO) to effectively integrate traditional and digital communication strategies and platforms to increase global outreach and access non-traditional and multi-cultural audiences.

It will present innovative approaches to accessing and leveraging new social media channels to create ‘communities of interest’ in OSH, expand professional networks and increase both research translation and knowledge translation. This discussion will use case studies of organisations increasing impact of information using digital communication tools like ‘immersive content’ to increase comprehension and understanding for multicultural or non-traditional audiences.

Methods Some key areas to be addressed include:

  • Adopting an appropriate social media strategy

  • Build a content plan

  • Building your OSH message

  • Choose your channels

  • Building communities of interest

  • Research data discussion from focus groups of millennials on OSH education

  • Research data discussion on leadership and culture transformation

Results This presentation prevents evidence promoting the need for a strong OSH content plan that will deliver engaging materials and aligns with overall messaging and appropriate channels selected for use.

Conclusion This strategy cannot be achieved in isolation, but has to be integrated in parallel with all other traditional communication channels and in concert with an overall communication plan, and create a culture to nurture and sustain a social media transformation.

  • social media
  • content plan
  • communications strategy

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