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1634 Silica exposure among young nepali brickworkers
  1. David L Parker
  1. HealtPartners Institute, Minnepolis, MN, USA


Aim of special session In Nepal there are approximately 1169 registered brick kilns in Nepal employing 2,50,000 people and up to 30% of workers are <16. Although there are a few studies of brick kiln workers, both historic and recent data indicate that silica exposure is a problem with exposures often exceeding 15 times the threshold limit value (TLV).

Presentors: DL Parker, MD,1 Dr. S. K. Joshi,2 Dr. S. M. Thygerson,3 Seshananda Sanjel, Ph.D.4

1HealthPartners Institute, Minneapolis, MN, United States

2Department of Community Medicine, Kathmandu Medical College, Kathmandu, Nepal

3Environmental and Occupational Health, Department of Health Science, Brigham Young University, UT, United States

4Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel, Kavre, Nepal

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