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1027 Quality of work life among doctors in the university hospitals in health area 7 of thailand
  1. N Chaiear,
  2. W Soonthornvinit,
  3. S Boonjaraspinyo
  1. Division of Occupational Medicine, Department of Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University, Khon Kaen, Thailand


Introduction Despite extensive information regarding quality of work life in medical residents in Thailand, however no study has examined the quality of work life (QoWL) amongst hospital doctors in Thailand. The aim of study is to evaluate the QoWL of hospital doctors in the university hospitals in the health area 7.

Methods A descriptive study was conducted among all 910 doctors in the university hospitals in health area 7 of from May to June 2017. The data was collected by web-based Thai Work-Related Quality of Life Scale – 2 (Thai WRQLS-2).

Results Response rate was 39.1% (356/910). The mean rating of qowl was 106.36 out of 155 (SD 16.09). 61.0% of doctors rated their QoWL as moderate scale. The eight sub-factors were rated as moderate to high for control at work, home-work interface, and working conditions; moderate and high for general well-being; high down to moderate for employee engagement, job and career satisfaction, and overall QoWL; and moderate down to low for stress at work. Details of factors which might influence their QoWL is being analysed and will be updated soon.

Conclusion This is the first study that assessed the QoWL among doctors in the university hospitals in health area 7. Majority of doctors rated QoWL as moderate. The sub-factor which rated to be the lowest score was stress at work.

  • quality of work life
  • doctors
  • stress

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