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626 Relationship of quality of work life with depression/anxiety in administrative staff of an institution of higher education in mexico
  1. R González-Baltazar1,
  2. SG León-Cortés1,
  3. MI Contreras-Estrada1,
  4. G Hidalgo-Santacruz1,
  5. BJ Hidalgo-González2
  1. 1Public Health Department, University of Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Mexico
  2. 2Gestalt Institute of Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Mexico


Introduction Currently the Quality of Work Life (QWL) and psychosocial risks are identified as important indicators of health in workers, it is important to carry out studies that can describe the behaviour of them in organisations. The aim was to analyse the relationship between QWL and the presence of symptoms of depression or anxiety in the administrative female employees of a public university in Mexico.

Methods These study was performed with a universe of 6455 employees and a probabilistic sample of 225 people. They all were applied the CVT-GOHISALO and Goldberg’s depression and anxiety questionnaires to measure their QWL and the presence of depression or anxiety symptoms. The Cronbach’s Alpha of CVT-GOHISALO is 0.9527 and the Goldberg’s depression and anxiety scale is 0.89.

Results Only in one of the seven dimensions of CVT-GOHISALO instrument, the highest percentage of satisfaction was of high level, 49.3%, in all other dimensions the highest percentage of satisfaction was of low level. As for the presence of depression symptoms, 20.9% of the employees had them and anxiety symptoms occurred in 59.1%.

In all dimensions, the higher satisfaction with the QWL and the absence of depression or anxiety symptoms were related. As well as low and medium level of satisfaction with the presence of depression or anxiety symptoms. All crosses were statistically significant, with p values for each dimension ranging between 0.000–0.046.

Conclusions To the university administrative staff, there is a relationship between being satisfied with the QWL and the absence of depression or anxiety symptoms. High satisfaction with QWL, is a protective factor for not having depression or anxiety symptoms. The risk of developing depression or anxiety symptoms, is four times higher for those with low satisfaction level with their QWL than for those who have high satisfaction level.

  • Quality of Work Life
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

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