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816 Biological effects of cloth containing specific ore powder in patients with pollen allergy
  1. S Lee1,
  2. H Okamoto2,
  3. S Yamamoto1,
  4. T Hatayama1,
  5. H Matsuzaki1,
  6. N Kumagai-Takei1,
  7. K Yoshitome1,
  8. Y Nishimura1,
  9. T Sato3,
  10. Y Kirita4,
  11. Y Fujii2,
  12. T Otsuki1
  1. 1Dept. Hygiene, Kawasaki medical school, Kurashiki, Japan
  2. 2Cosmic Garden Co., Ltd., Okayama, Japan
  3. 3Specified Non-profit Organisation MEDICAL TECHNO OKAYAMA, Okayama, Japan
  4. 4Okayama University Organisation for Research Promotion and Collaboration, Okayama, Japan


Introduction Pollen allergy is major problem in Japan. The custom-homebuilding company, Cosmic Garden Co. Ltd., located in Okayama City, Japan was established in 1997 and uses specific natural ore powder (SNOP) in wall materials a to improve allergic symptoms. In this study, we surveyed biological effects of short term stay in a room surrounded by SNOP cloth.

Methods To investigate the biological effects of SNOP, patients with a pollen allergy were recruited to stay in a room surrounded by cloth containing SNOP (CCSNOP), and their symptoms and various biological parameters were compared with those of individuals staying in a room surrounded by control non-woven cloth (NWC). Each stay lasted 60 min. Before and immediately after the stay, a questionnaire regarding allergic symptoms, as well as POMS (Profile of Mood Status) and blood sampling, was performed. Post-stay minus pre-stay values were calculated and compared between CCSNOP and NWC groups.

Results Results indicated that some symptoms, such as nasal obstruction and lacrimation, improved, and POMS evaluation showed that patients were calmer following a stay in CCSNOP. Relative eosinophils, non-specific Ig E, epidermal growth factor, monocyte chemotactic protein-1, and tumour necrosis factor-α increased following a stay in CCSNOP.

Conclusion This ore powder improved allergic symptoms, and long-term monitoring involving 1 to 2 months may be necessary to fully explore the biological and physical effects of SNOP on allergic patients.

  • pollen allergy
  • health promotion
  • environment

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