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254 Quality of working life of cancer survivors: associations with health- and work-related variables
  1. Angela GEM de Boer,
  2. Merel de Jong,
  3. Sietske J Tamminga,
  4. Monique HW Frings-Dresen
  1. Academic Medical Centre, Department Coronel Institute of Occupational Health. Amsterdam Public Health research institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Introduction To measure Quality of Working Life (QWL) among cancer survivors, and to take account of the impact of cancer diagnosis and treatment on a cancer survivors’ working life, we developed the self-administered Quality of Working Life Questionnaire for Cancer Survivors (QWLQ-CS). QWL is an important predictor of work continuation. This study aimed to:

  • describe the Quality of Working Life (QWL) of cancer survivors, and

  • explore associations between the QWL of cancer survivors and health– and work–related variables.

Methods Employed and self-employed cancer survivors were recruited through hospitals and patient organisations. They completed the Quality of Working Life Questionnaire for Cancer Survivors (QWLQ-CS) and health- and work-related variables in a cross-sectional study. The QWL scores of cancer survivors were described and associations between QWL and health- and work-related variables were assessed.

Result The QWLQ-CS was completed by 302 cancer survivors (28% male) with a mean age of 52±8 years. They were diagnosed between 0 and 10 years ago with various types of cancer, such as breast cancer, gastrointestinal cancers, urological cancers and haematological cancers. The QWL mean score of cancer survivors was 75±12 (0–100). Cancer survivors had statistically significant lower QWL scores when they had been treated with chemotherapy or when they reported co-morbidity (p0.05). Cancer survivors without managerial positions, with low incomes or physically demanding work, and who worked a proportion of their contract hours had statistically significantly lower QWL scores (p0.05).

Discussion This study described the QWL of cancer survivors and associations between QWL and health- and work-related variables. Based on these variables it is possible to indicate groups of cancer survivors who need more attention and support regarding QWL and work continuation.

  • employed
  • oncology
  • questionnaire

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