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1488 Employ mental health and emotional intelligence: study of teachers working in private and government sectors
  1. Indu Rathee
  1. Associate Professor, Tika Ram College Of Education, Sonipat,Haryana(India)


Introduction Teacher’s mental health is influenced by various factors like working conditions, professional development opportunities, gender, age, work experience, work load etc. With the changing socio- economic scenario, the values of teacher and their professional concern with the job have forcibly undergone a change, which adversely affects the mental health of the teacher. Being emotionally intelligent is not only crucial, but a necessary condition for a successful life. This research article describes the mental health and emotional intelligence of school teachers working in private and government institutions with regard to gender, age and the working conditions in which they work.

Method The researcher used the descriptive survey method for the present study. For data collection, the investigator used the ‘Employee’s Mental Health Inventory’ developed by Jagdish (2001) and ‘Roqan emotional intelligence test’ developed by prof. Roquiya zainuaddin and Anjum Ahmed).The sample of the present study comprised of 120 teachers of Government Schools (60 female and 60 male) and 120 teachers of private schools (60 female and 60 male) selected from four district of Haryana State (INDIA) by using stratified random sampling technique. The study was limited to three independent (age, sex, and type of schools) and two dependent variables (Mental health and emotional intelligence).

Result and discussion The findings of the research reveals that there is significant difference between teachers in their mental health with regards to their age, gender and type of schools. Emotional intelligence is an important factor that is positively co-related to the mental of teachers.

Conclusion We must restructure the school environment, which not only help in development of intellects of individuals but also improve the capability of teachers, especially in case of female teachers.

  • Mental Health
  • Working conditions
  • School Teachers.

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