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698 How juniors doctors live thier work during pregancy? a qualitative study in france
  1. Ménage Alexandra,
  2. Loddé Brice,
  3. Chiron Benoît,
  4. Dewitte Jean-Dominique,
  5. Pougnet Richard
  1. Teaching Hospital Of Brest, Brest, France


Introduction During the end of their training, the injections are subjected to much stress. The prevalence of Burnout syndrome is near 30% in the literature. Some junior doctors get pregnant during this period. And pregnancy involve physical and psychological changes in women. How do these women live their work as doctors? The aim of this article is to assess the feelings of these womens.

Matrial and method it was a qualitative study. It was based on semi-directed interviews. The analysis was carried out according to the model of the Grounded theory.

Results 10 interviews were carried out, saturation of the data was obtained from the 8th interview. The variation was maximal at the 10th interview. The analysis of the data revealed four main themes: parenthood, work, industrial relations and adaptation.

Conclusion Becoming a mother during the end of medical studies represents an additional difficulty for the women. This requires adaptability to limit the negative consequences, both professionally and personally.

  • pregnancy
  • medical staff
  • qualitative study

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