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901 Hearing loss induced by environmental noise in mexican adults from mexico city
  1. CA Juárez1,
  2. A Torres2,
  3. G Aguilar1,
  4. W Hinojos3,
  5. PE Ravelo4,
  6. D Fierro1,
  7. LA Trejo1,
  8. A Cabello1,
  9. O Trujillo1,
  10. C Madrigal1,
  11. C Jimenez5
  1. 1Occupational Health Research Unit, IMSS Mexico City, Mexico
  2. 2Audiology Department Hospital of Specialties, IMSS Mexico City, Mexico
  3. 3Audiology Department, Regional Hospital 1, Morelos Unit, Chihuahua, Mexico
  4. 4Occupational nurse, Mexico City, Mexico
  5. 5Hospital of traumatology Clinical Analysis Laboratory IMSS Mexico City, Mexico


Introduction The noise affects the individual social integration by damaging their hearing.

Aim The aim of the study was to measure the average hearing threshold (UAP) and its determinants in a group of Mexican adults in Mexico City.

Methods We studied 177 adults of both sexes. We excluded those exposed to industrial noise and organic solvents, as well as those who suffered brain trauma with loss of consciousness, frequent respiratory infections and otitis media. We measured the auditory threshold by tonal audiometry (125–8000 Hz). The UAP was modelled with robust multiple linear regression.

Results 57.3% (101) were men, with a mean age of 29 (9 16–61] years and 43% (76) women aged 30 (9 17–54]. There was appreciated a fall at the auditory threshold frequencies 3, 4 and 6 KHz (notch) and recovery to the 8 kHz, by sex, age and terciles in both ears. The 4 kHz showed hearing loss of β=2.96 dB (p=0.005) by urban travel time >40 minutes/day in men β=2.6 dB (p=0.009), by categories of age: 25–34 years β=2.2 dB (p=0.070), 35–44 years β=5.2 dB (p=0.001) and 45–61 years β=8.3 dB (p<0.001).

Discussion The indentation suggests a hearing loss similar to the first stage of the noise-induced hearing damage. It is likely his relationship to the ambient noise of Mexico City.

  • Urban noise
  • Hearing loss
  • environmental exposure

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