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714 Occupational contact dermatitis
  1. EA Ozgur,
  2. Y Demıral,
  3. AH Cımrın
  1. Dokuz Eylül University Medical School, Occupational Medicine, ızmir, Turkey


Introduction Dermatoses are a group of diseases that are common among occupational diseases. Occurrence is seen between 10%–40% and is the second most common occupational disease after muscular and skeletal system diseases. In this study¸ we aimed to evaluate the general characteristics of the occupational diseases evaluated by occupational dermatosis in our clinic about 3 years.

Methods A total of 23 patients who applied between 2014–2017 were evaluated retrospectively. A detailed business story was taken from the cases and clinical evaluation was done. Materials MSDS information was requested from the workplaces. Patch test was applied to the cases where contact dermatitis was suspected. Other dermatological diseases were excluded and evaluated as allergic and irritant contact dermatitis according to the patch test results. Statistical evaluations were performed using the PASW Statistics for Windows (SPSS Inc. Version 18.0, Released 2009, Chicago, USA) statistical package program.

Results When the demographic characteristics were examined, 21.74% of the cases were female and 78.26% were male. The initial area of the lesions was 52%. Six of the cases were diagnosed with other dermatological diseases, 12 with allergic contact dermatitis and 4 with irritant contact The most common allergens were nickel sulphate (73.3%), potassium dichromate (40%) and tiuram (20%). Time interval between onset of lesions and the date they first appeared (latent periods) according to the sectors is given in the tables.

Conclusion Occupational dermatoses refer to our clinic, constitute 3.7% of occupational disease-related cases and 5th place among other occupational diseases. It was observed that the cases came from different sectors, mostly male and between 30–40 years old. Occupational history and patch test results are important for diagnosis. Since the latent period is variable, it is not very meaningful in predicting the occurrence of the disease when examined in terms of substance and sectoral distribution.

  • occupational
  • contact dermatitis
  • patch test

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