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1659b Safe use of pesticides among traditional farmers in java indonesia
  1. Hanifa M Denny,
  2. Bina Kurniawan,
  3. Siswi Jayanti,
  4. Ari Suwondo
  1. Diponegoro University, Semarang, Indonesia


Introduction The use of pesticides in the Indonesian vegetable farming is common. The conventional and traditional methods of pesticides used are mostly dangerous nor safe. This study investigated the impact of health promotion intervention on safe use of pesticides among farmers in Sumowono Village, Semarang District, Indonesia.

Methods The researchers conducted a multi-year’s approach to conduct a training on safe use of pesticides as a health promotion intervention. In 2013, the researcher approached the community health centre staff to gather their understanding on unsafe pesticides used among farmers. The researchers made a collaboration with one nurse and one midwife to be part of the field coordinator team. The actual training session was conducted in 2015.

Results The farmer’s community agreed with the idea of participating in the Focus Group Discussion and training on safe use of pesticides. Selected farmers of 136 persons participated in the training. It was tailored to find a solution on un-safe use of pesticides according to participants daily practices.

Knowledge and attitude of pesticides use were improved after joining the training session. The adoption of expected behaviour on safe use of pesticides was evaluated one year after the training. A significant behaviour change was seen on drinking water after working with pesticides. In addition, the practice of taking a painkiller medicine was no longer available since the training participants gained knowledge on dehydration, pesticides intoxication, and the benefit of water intake to expedite the excretion of pesticides from the body.

Conclusion Health promotion interventions involving the local health workers were effective. A three years approach in health promotion delivery was useful in strengthening to the adoption of the expected healthy behaviours.

  • Health Promotion
  • Farmers’ Health
  • Pesticides
  • Vegetable Farmers

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