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854 An audit on the quality of management referrals to occupational health service
  1. Zakiah Amir1,2,
  2. Deborah Moriarty1,
  3. Sibeal Carolan2,
  4. Lynda Sisson2
  1. 1Occupational Health Department, Connolly Hospital Blanchardstown, Dublin, Ireland
  2. 2HSE Workplace Health and Wellbeing Unit, Dublin, Ireland


Introduction Managers may refer their workers for occupational health (OH) assessment when there is concern about their workers’ health. To benefit from OH services, referrals need to include necessary information to enable OH professionals carrying out assessment and communicate information back. The national management referral form has been designed for this purpose. The aim of this audit is to analyse management’s compliance to this form.

Methods Ten random new management referral forms received in May 2017 were pulled and analysed under ten separate headings;

  1. Employee details,

  2. post details,

  3. job demands,

  4. current medical issues,

  5. sickness absence grid,

  6. reason for referral,

  7. description of main issues and relevant facts,

  8. specific advise requested,

  9. manager’s details and

  10. employees consent.

Data obtained was analysed using Excel Spreadsheet. Each completed headings were scored ten and zero score was given for incomplete heading. The results were totalled and given a final score in percentage value. The headings were further broken down into five aspects for analysis:

  • Legal (consent),

  • Demands of duty to better inform OH (post details and job demands),

  • Effect of health issues to work (current medical issues and sickness absence grid),

  • Manager’s concern (reason for referral, describe the main issues and relevant facts, specific advise requested), and

  • Communication (employee’s and manager’s details).

Result Total manager’s compliance was 79.8%. Compliance to legal aspect was 40%. Compliance to provide information regarding demands of duty to better inform the OH was 90%. Compliance to provide information regarding effect of health to work was 85%. Compliance to provide information to aid communication was 70%. Compliance to provide information to address manager’s concerns was 100%.

Discussion Management’s general compliance to the national management referral form was good. Specific aspects of manager’s referral can be further improved. Results were discussed at service user’s forum and a re-audit is planned in the future.

  • Quality improvement
  • National standards
  • Manager referrals

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