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1230 Medical aspects of contractor governance – an oil and gas industry’s perspective
  1. Syed Zaffar Hussaini
  1. Specialist in Occupational Medicine RaGas Company Limited, Doha, State of Qatar


Introduction The Contractor workforce forms an integral part of any industry. It is necessary to ensure that the Contract workers are Fit to do their job as this would enable companies to minimise the risk of an adverse consequence to the health and/or safety of an employee resulting from a foreseeable health condition.

Methods A cross sectional study was carried out to review the validation and audit of Fitness to work assessments among Contactors working in the company on onshore and offshore locations in order to determine ‘key learning related to Medical aspects of Contractor Governance. The data included Fitness assessments conducted between 2011 to 2017.


  • Elements of Medical ‘Fitness for work’ expectations were integrated in the planning stages (into contactor procurement and Contractual agreements).

  • The ownership of Contractor employees’ health should be the responsibility of the Contractors’ company and the contractors should take reasonable care of their own health and safety.

  • The benefits of validation and audit of Fitness to work assessments/Safety Critical Task Assessments and successful management of contractor employees with known chronic medical conditions.

  • Oil and Gas companies should maintain minimum standards for Offshore Medical Fitness and align with Oil and Gas Industry’s best practice approach and make consistent decisions in accordance with stipulated standards.

  • The proven advantages of Offshore Medical Fitness cards for employees who are expected to travel and work offshore. This has been a cost effective initiative since it has reduced costs of unnecessary Medical evacuations.

Discussion This study establishes the advantages of better management of Medical Aspects of Contractor Governance which focuses on Contractor employees’ health issues related to existing medical conditions and work-life balance which would enable companies to achieve the goal of a ‘Safe, Healthy, Happy and Fit workforce’.

  • Fitness
  • Management
  • Cost optimisation

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