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354 Diagnosis, prevention and compensation of occupational diseases in the russian federation
  1. I Bukhtiyarov
  1. FSBSI ‘Izmerov Research Institute of Occupational Health’, Moscow, Russia


In the countries of EU simultaneously act several lists of occupational diseases (OD) (opened, closed, closed regulated). National list of OD in the Russian Federation (RF) is opened type. In common RF OD list is harmonised with ILO OD list (revised 2010) with some exceptions. For example, National OD list does not recognise work related diseases.

The dynamics of the number of cases of OD in the RF in 2011–2015 and OD level (per 100 thousand people) and their trends for 2016–2030 were studied compared to the level of OD in the EU countries-27. In 2011 the number of new cases of OD was 8923 (the population were 142.9 million people); in 2015г. the number of detected cases of occupational diseases was 7410 (the population were 146.3 million people). The level of OD was decreased from 6.24 (2011) up to 5.06 (2015) per 100 thousand people. The analysis of OD level shows that the number of detected cases of OD for the first time in the RF was significant (7–8 times) lower than in UN countries-27–40.07 per 100 thousand population (2014).

Structure of OD in RF shows than maximal part of OD are diseases caused by physical agents (48.85%), hearing impairment caused by noise and disease caused by vibration including. The another main ODs were: ODs caused by chemical agents as well as occupational respiratory and occupational skin diseases. There are absent post-traumatic stress disorders and dramatic low level of occupational cancer. Over 2002–2014, total of 498 cases of occupational cancer was registered, that is less than 0,3% of minimal expected number of cases.

This is connected with peculiarities of OD registration system and underestimation real level of OD. All this justifies the need of occupational diseases diagnosis, prevention and compensation system improving in the RF.

  • occupational diseases
  • occupational cancer

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