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885 Occupational health and safety management for general service employees
  1. Andrés Felipe Montoya Giraldo,
  2. Alina Sorany Agudelo Alzate
  1. Corporación Universitaria Minuto De Dios, Bello, Colombia


Introduction UNIMINUTO Bello is an institution that offers university educational services; The maintenance and cleaning can expose personnel to chemical handling risks, exposure to electrical and mechanical risks, lifting of loads, strenuous working hours, climatic conditions and other damages to their health, it is sought to identify and analyse these risks in the light of the Occupational Safety and Health Management System (SGSST) (Spanish acronym) in order to identify the improvement actions that emerge from these tasks and propose the corrective measures.

Methodology It is considered important to analyse the management of SST, using approach of qualitative, descriptive research, which analysed information by employees of general services, a description of their activities in function cleaning, maintenance, gardening, cleaning and working in the cafeteria in contrast to the design of the Risk Matrix.

Results In the measurement of risk perception, low and medium levels were found, it was not identified risk associated with age, sex or educational level; it was identified that the SGSST is in the design and beginning of its implementation, in accordance with the Colombian requirements and regulations in this matter, having a recent policy and advancing in the design of processes, procedures and manuals; There are no tangible results of the evaluation of the system and specific improvement actions.

Discussion There is a need to refine the planning and implementation of strategies that contribute to the proper implementation of the SGSST; To train a greater number of the brigade, minimising the impact by the rotation of the staff. Disseminate in greater degree the politics, strategies and activities in the university community. It is necessary to design workshops according to their functions that allow them to make use of the protection elements available to them, since their perception shows that the main cause of accidents is caused by human errors.

  • Safety and health at work
  • occupational accident
  • risk factors.

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