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1705c Occupational health in argentina
  1. Claudia M de Hoyos
  1. SMTBA, Mas Vida Salud, Buenos Aires Argentina


Introduction There is a long story on Occupational Health in the Argentinian Republic since 1925, that includes in the last twenty years one important word: PREVENTION.

Methods This is a descriptive study of 102 years of evolution in Legislation since the first Law in 1915, that define Occupational Health Accident, to the new Laws that includes the function of Occupational Health Service, Security Health and Environmental, Nursing and the functions of both.

Results Argentina had made a great changes and progress, for improving the health of the workers, by the inclusion, as fundamental, the word Prevention, by giving it a legal and mandatory framework, which has been transformed into a decrease in labour pathology.

Discussion Although we have reduced the number of work accidents, we have a long and arduous task ahead on the subject of Occupational Diseases. Medical education should be improved to obtain better recognition of occupational diseases, which are currently either not recognised or underdiagnosed. The road is free to make changes, it remains, as a pending issue, to continue improving working conditions.

Conclusion In the light of scientific advances, a legal framework that helps to improve working conditions, has become essential to change the business mindset. In addition, it should also include the improvement of education programs of both doctors, specialists in occupational health, and workers, for making true the phase ‘That the man does not lose life, wherever he goes to get his livelihood’.

  • Legislation
  • Health
  • Good Practice

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