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1755 ‘vision zero’ – for a world of work without fatal and serious accidents
  1. Hans-Horst Konkolewsky
  1. International Social Security Association (ISSA) based in Geneva, Switzerland


There is a growing international consensus that efforts to develop a global prevention culture should be reinforced in order to reduce the unacceptably high number of work accidents and occupational diseases worldwide. It is at the same time recognised that business performance is highly depending on a healthy and motivated workforce.

The ISSA has on this background developed a new prevention concept, called ‘Vision Zero’, which is based on the belief that all accidents and diseases at work can be prevented. The ISSA’s Vision Zero approach is flexible and can be adjusted to any workplace, company or industry.

A global Vision Zero campaign was launched at the XXI World Congress for Safety and Health at Work in September 2017 in Singapore, which aims to mobilise business leaders to integrate safety, health and well-being at work in their core management function as well as company culture.

To this end the ISSA has developed a Vision Zero Guide that outlines a roadmap with 7 Golden Rules to help improve a company’s safety and health performance as well as practical checklists and training materials.

More than 700 Companies and OSH-organisations from more than 90 countries have since its launch joined the campaign as Vision Zero Companies or Partners.

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