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1711c Osh institutions networking in north africa: a route to implement sdg
  1. H Hamzaoui
  1. OSH specialist for North Africa- ILO office for MAGHREB Algiers


The General Assembly of the United Nations adopted the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 in 2015. These 17 goals target the eradication of poverty, protection of the planet and the guarantee of prosperity for all within the framework of a new sustainable development agenda. Goal 8; Decent Work and Economic Growth; aims to implement the principles of decent work, including optimal working conditions for all, enabling protection of human capital and inclusive economic development.

Through cooperation and linkages between the various occupational health and safety networks and institutions, North African countries would improve their inherent capacities to meet the targets of Objective 8, including the reduction of related work accidents and diseases. Networking would make it possible to pool human and material resources (often missing), complementarity of expertise, exchange of best practices and comparability of indicators in a similar socio-economic environment.

Improved OSH cooperation between North African countries will improve the achievement of sustainable development objectives and enable the different social partners to honour their commitment to this goal.

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