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1192 Workplace exposure problems determined in cleaning professionals working in izmir, antalya and bursa public health directories
  1. Serap Gökmen1,
  2. Naile Ertürk1,
  3. Yasemin Uçar2,
  4. Deniz Ilknur Ardali3,
  5. Hikmet Arif Çimrin4,
  6. Frederieke Schaafsma5,
  7. Mustafa Kemal Başarali6,
  8. Ahmet Özlü6
  1. 1Public Health Directorate of ızmir, Turkey
  2. 2Public Health Directorate of Antalya, Turkey
  3. 3Public Health Directorate of Bursa, Turkey
  4. 49th Semptember University ızmir Turkey
  5. 5Dept. of Public and Occupational Health, VU University Medical Centre, Amsterdam Public Health research institute, Netherland
  6. 6Public Health Institution of Turkey


Introduction Physical, chemical and biological risk factors exist in workplaces of cleaning professionals. These risk factors at work may cause respiratory, skin, and musculoskeletal health problems for these workers. The prevalence of these health problems caused by occupational risk factors such as exposure to chemicals in cleaning products and physical strain in the workplace of cleaning professionals are not yet fully known in Turkey.

For this reason, the objective was to assess the extent of workplace exposure to occupational risk factors for cleaning professionals of ızmir, Antalya and Bursa Public Health Directorates (including subcontractors).

Methods We plan a cross sectional study using a questionnaire on socio-demographic characteristics, risk factors at work, work history, health history, health status, exposures,European Community Respiratory Health Survey II(ECHRS II) questionnaire, Nordic Occupational Skin Questionnaire and the Nordic Musculoskeletal Questionnaire using a face-to-face interview method. The interviews will be performed by trained occupational health and safety specialists from the Public Health Directorates of ızmir, Antalya and Bursa Turkey.

The study proposal has been approved by 9thSeptember University Ethical Committee. Workers will be asked for informed consent before the survey.

Result We will include 370 cleaning professionals in the study. The prevalence of respiratory, skin and musculoskeletal symptoms will be determined, stratified for different cleaning professionals and their socio-demographic variables. We expect all results in October 2017.

Discussion The main outcome is the estimated prevalence of work-related disorders in cleaning professionals and associated occupational risk factors in Turkey. We will also analyse the effect of these disorders on the related prevalence of disability in work and daily life. Based on the results, interventions for prevention of will be recommended.

  • Occupational diseases
  • cleaning professionals
  • respiratory symptoms
  • skin symptoms
  • musculoskeletal symptoms.

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