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1476 Musculoskeletal disorders amongst farmers in morocco
  1. B Benali,
  2. I El Amri,
  3. R El Omari,
  4. A El Kholti
  1. Casablanca Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Hassan II University, Morocco


Introduction Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) are a common problem within the occupational health field. The objective of this study is to determine the prevalence of chronic lumbar back pain within a population of farmers, the analysis of medical and professional consequences and the search for associated factors.

Methods We’ve gathered a random sample of patients consulting in Ouled Frej health centre, in the province of El Jadida. We’ve collected data through a standardised questionnaire.

Results We’ve got information from 270 patients, 78,5% were female, with a mean age of 33,5 years. Lumbar back pain (LBP) was present within 33,5% of the cases and it affected women more than men (p=0,0002). The mean of the visual analogue scale for pain evaluation was at 46,59%. The triggering factor was heavy loads lifting in 63,63% of the time. Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs were prescribed in 80,64% of the cases. The proportion of patients experiencing professional outcomes due to their LBP was found to be 47,72%.

Discussion In this study, the frequency of LBP was higher amongst female workers, with a sex ratio of 2,82 which matches the findings of Gepner and al. The rates of resorting to medication varies between 42,2 and 79%. In our study pretty much every one of the patients took some sort of medication for their LBP (including self medication). Professional consequences of LBP are usually evaluated by means of medical leave. For our patients, 16,1% had to stop working which is similar to what Gepner and al found.

Conclusion Preventing the transition to chronic pain needs to be done as early as possible. Simple and inexpensive measures can often be enough to encounter this problem which necessarily include information and coordination between the attending and occupational physicians.

  • musculoskeletal disorders
  • farming industry
  • Morocco

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