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1636f Vision zero – the global future to prevent accidents and diseases in mining
  1. H Ehnes
  1. International Section of the ISSA Mining on Prevention in the Mining Industry, Bochum, Germany


The Singapore World Congress on Safety & Health at Work 2017 truly marked a milestone in prevention. The International Social Security Association (ISSA) launched the Global VISION ZERO Prevention Strategy. As a leading organisation representing more than 320 members in over 150 countries, the ISSA enters a new level of commitment towards ‘zero harm’ and presents a toolset called the ‘Seven Golden Rules’ which delivers hands-on solutions for businesses. The approach gives systematic answers to companies worldwide on how to improve safety and health at work while offering a harmonised, proven toolset for managers.

The Golden Rules span the areas

Golden Rule 1: Take leadership – demonstrate commitment

Golden Rule 2: Identify hazards – control risks

Golden Rule 3: Define targets – develop programmes

Golden Rule 4: Ensure a safe and healthy system – be well-organised

Golden Rule 5: Ensure safety and health in machines, equipment and workplaces

Golden Rule 6: Improve qualifications – develop competence

Golden Rule 7: Invest in people – motivate by participation

The presentation will discuss the development of the ‘Seven Golden Rules’ by ISSA’s Prevention Section for the Mining Industry and gives insight into the implementation in Germany, where the German social accident insurance institution for the raw materials and chemical industry – BG RCI introduced it for 35 000 companies.

It will explain the VISION ZERO mindset and experience both internationally and in Germany, and demonstrate what aims, measures and tools have been derived. Furthermore options for cooperation will be discussed.

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